Thursday, August 13, 2009

Subcommittee Meeting of August 5, 2009 Synopsis

The Budget Development and Board Operations Subcommittee meet and discussed the following:
o The executive director provided an update on the progress of the sale of the existing Lions. Mr. Hart reported that due to the closing of the 2009 fiscal year the office had not had the time to get the Lions on ebay. They should be posted during the month and a report of the sale should be available during the meeting in September.
o The executive director presented the 2011 budget preview and discussed the options of how the office will try to make up the $466,000 short fall due to the loss of the one time backfill from last year. Mr. Hart went on to discuss that it will be critical to look at all aspects of the CPB and to make changes. Some of the changes that will be considered are modifying the food services program, using some of the funding from the restoration saving to fund the maintenance on Capitol Hill. Additional the subcommittee suggested that the board look into the option of having a non state government entity provide the maintenance for the Capitol and Capitol Hill rather than DFCM.
o The board fee schedule was introduced by the executive director as a starting point. He stated that the fees that are charged for the rental of space on Capitol Hill make up about $110,000 dollar of the offices budget or about 15%. At the same time there needed to be and understanding about how these fees are impacting the uses of the space and specifically the organizations that meet on the Hill to discuss legislation. The subcommittee members provided good recommendation for the executive director to consider such as a special fee for the legislative session, a one day free options for any group, an opportunity for those renting space on the Hill to have the use of meeting room or the rotunda once during session. The executive director was asked to consider these items and to make a recommendation in September prior to the board meeting.
o The subcommittee reviewed modification suggested by Alan Bachman to the rule R131-13 Health Reform - Health Insurance Coverage in State Contracts which discusses health care provided by the design and construction profession on Capitol Preservation Board projects. The amendment clarified several items and Alan asked the subcommittee for their support and to fine the amendment with the rule making office so that the board could make it effective when they meet in September. The Subcommittee approved the modifications.

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