Thursday, June 4, 2009

Subcommittee Meeting of June 1, 2009 Synopsis

The Budget Development and Board Operations Subcommittee meet and reviewed the Capitol Facilities Rental structure within the context of the board budget which was developed around both general fund appropriations and dedicated credits.

The executive director at the last meeting on the 12th of May was asked to provide additional information about what a supplemental amount would be to avoid the problems associated with not being able to earn all the dedicated credits. During the meeting he presented several options that addressed those concerns and explained how the rentals of the capitol facilities are directly connected to the office budget. The executive director presented three options that looked at facility use fee during legislative sessions. These options included:
1) No reduction in fees,
2) Reduction in fees,
3) No fees
He recommended that the subcommittee take a hard look at the third option of no fees. He suggested that while this option would require the largest supplemental it would also provide the public with greater access to Capitol facilities. Members of the subcommittee expressed there concern with not only this year’s shortfall in the budget due to the dedicated credits, but with the FY2011 budget which will need modification to provide complete maintenance and operation activities on Capitol Hill.

The subcommittee asked the executive director to provide additional detail on both the expenditure and revenue side of the budget and to present the information to the board for their information and discussion at the June board meeting. Leadership will need to assess the issues and will then need time to consider the corrective actions prior to deciding on a budget in September.

The office will continue to charge for space as it has been directed to do by the Board and the Legislature for space rental until directed otherwise.

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