Thursday, May 14, 2009

Subcommittee Meeting of May 12, 2008 Synopsis

The Budget Development and Board Operations subcommittee meet and reviewed the following:
1. Bountiful Lions Club Request – the executive director presented information regarding the recommend way of disposing of the lion such that everyone is treated fairly. These recommendations included:

· The Capitol Preservation Board is exempt from the State Surplus rules and can act independently.

· Need to have a designation of “No Historical Significance or Value” (State Historic Preservation Officer)

· Advertise in the News Paper for a week to ten days (two weekends) our out intent to offer the Lions for Sale on ebay.

· State Surplus will using their codes and accounts publish on ebay each of the four lions and any statement that we wish to make.

· Surplus recommends that we run the ebay bidding for 14 days where anyone can bid and the highest bid win the lions.

· Surplus recommends that the CPB have no minimum bid ($1.00) is enough to win. The winner would be required as stated in the advertisement to completely remove the awarded lion and all the associated items.

· It was the executive director’s recommendations that if there is any money offered for these lions that it offset the cost which surplus will incur listing these lions on line with ebay for the CPB.

· Schedule - following the board meeting (if approved), the CPB office would place the add in the news paper for 10 working days. Immediately following the new paper add Surplus would place the items for sale on ebay. Bidding would be closed within 14 calendar days. The whole process should be over with in four weeks from the Board meeting.

The Subcommittee recommends this procedure to the Board.

2. The Subcommittee reviewed the FY2010 office budget plan and the question of reduced lower fees for space during the legislative sessions. All members recognized the connection between the large amount of dedicated credits that make up the boards budget and there relationship to the fees charged for space rental. The concept of reduced fees during the Legislative session will have a negative impact on the office dedicated credit budget. During the discussion the executive director presented three options that looked at facility use fee during legislative sessions. These options included 1) No reduction in fees, 2) Reduction in fees, and 3) No fees.

Recognizing this connection the subcommittee requested that the executive director review each of the options and inform the subcommittee, at the next meeting, what additional General Fund would be needed to offset the reduction of the dedicated credits.

3. The next meeting was scheduled for Monday, June 1, 2009 at 3:00 PM. The Meeting will be held in the Capitol Board Room.